I'm a Canadian, living on the Vancouver side of Canada. I grew up in the U.K., but have been in Canada most of my life.

I enjoy the outdoors, and meeting amiable, intelligent people to chat with. I have many interests, and I like to share my knowledge.

On most free days, I like to capture interesting photos of nature, and the inner feelings of people in portraits.

I have both an artistic and geeky side. When I was about 14 and in secondary school in the U.K., my artistic side was in full swing, as I used to love drawing, making clay bowls in pottery class, and making wooden stools in woodwork class. Then, when I transitioned into college, my mathematical and logical side took centre stage, as I got the highest marks and straight A's in my A-levels for Pure Math, and Applied Math. When I immigrated to Canada, and went to the University of Waterloo for my Computer Science degree, my artistic and logical side were in constant battle. I took many elective courses in the Fine Arts, such as: English literature, drawing and painting. Somehow, I manage to find a balance between the two sides of my brain.

Needless to say, many people have asked me how it is that I can be a Techie and also be interested in the Arts. Well, that's me. I have a keen interest in what makes things tick, e.g. I find the whole world of quantum physics fascinating! But, during my downtime, I love those classic British comedies that you've probably never heard of, e.g. Last of the Summer Wine. I also enjoy those old movies they just don't make these days, like the ones starring Danny Kaye. But, at the same time, I'll be lining up for the next Star Wars movie! See? I like the old, the new, and what's in between.

Feel free to contact me via Facebook, or the form below.

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