I've enjoyed studying the Meisner technique, with the following courses:

The Foundations of Acting Program
  • Comprehensive training in Meisner Technique for seasoned actors as well as those new to acting. Training is focused on liberating the actor from self conciousness, accessing emotional life and connecting with impulses.
Scene Study – Principals & Analysis
  • Principals & Analysis focuses on the interplay between characters in a scene.
  • This class takes actors through the steps of breaking down a script and bringing a scene to life. Actors are given one scene to work on over the course of 8 weeks and each class explores a different concept through discussion, exercises and film clips which elucidate the concept in action. Actors work to bring that concept to life in their own scene work. Over time an actor deepens their understanding of these principals and learns.
  • Each class focus builds on the the previous class work. Scenes are filmed twice, for self-assessment and for a record of the actors work.

About Sanford Meisner
Sanford Meisner
Sanford Meisner is one of the most respected and influential acting teachers of the 20th century. Meisner, Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg are generally regarded as America's three greatest acting teachers. Founding member of The Group Theatre, 1931-1941. Began teaching at New York's Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in 1935; head of the acting program 1936-1958 & 1964-1990. Head of Twentieth Century-Fox Talent Program 1959-1961. Developed what is known as "The Meisner Technique," influenced by "The Stanislavsky System." His students include Academy Award winners Joan Fontaine, Jennifer Jones, Grace Kelly, Edmond O'Brien, Jo Van Fleet, Joanne Woodward, Gregory Peck, Joel Grey, Lee Grant, Diane Keaton, Jon Voight, Mary Steenburgen and Robert Duvall, as well as directors Bob Fosse and Sydney Pollack. Author of "Sanford Meisner on Acting" (with Dennis Longwell). Subject of the documentary Sanford Meisner: The American Theatre's Best Kept Secret (1990), directed by Kent Paul.