I have a passion for natural health & fitness. I work out every day, focusing on different muscle groups. It’s the only time when grunting is socially acceptable. Hulk mode, activate!

Over the years my interest has peaked in disease prevention, using evidence based natural methods. These include all of the following:

  • Healthy Diet, e.g. organic, non-GMO, gluten free. A morning workout, followed by a protein & super greens smoothie is a must. My British alter ego: “Quite right, old chap. But do mind the juicer - it’s a bit temperamental.”
  • Regular Exercise. Lifting dumbells is like lifting burdens off my soul.
  • Positive & mindful attitude. If my thoughts were a playlist, they’d be a mix of ‘Kaleidoscope Zen’ and ‘Did I Leave the Light On?’” Zen Master (nodding): “Your mind is a wild garden. Prune the worry bushes, water the joy flowers.”
  • Key supplements. The secret agents of health. They infiltrate my cells, whispering, ‘Stay slick, my membranes.’” My alter ego: “And don’t forget vitamin D. It’s like sunshine in drops of liquid.”
  • Adequate Sleep. My bedroom - lavender-scented candle flickers. Me (snuggling under a weighted blanket). Ah, sleep - the ultimate escape room.

Want to know how to potentially slow down and maybe reverse aging? Then find out  about telomeres and the Hayflick Limit.

I have read many books related to health, fitness, and longevity. You can either search Amazon for these, or search my profile on GoodReads.

Ready to prove your natural health smarts? Dive into our quiz, click your answers, and find your score waiting at the end. Let's see if you can ace it! 🌿 

So there you have it, my fellow seekers of eternal youth. Remember, laughter is the ultimate antioxidant. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do squats while reciting Shakespeare. "To be fit or not to be fit - that is the question!"