My eclectic hobbies include:

  • Acting - My life's unscripted drama. Recently, I accidentally slipped into character while speaking to a woman during a visit to my favorite cafe. She asked about my greatest weakness, and I replied, β€œWell, my tragic flaw is an inability to resist pizza.” πŸ•
  • Meditation - Whoosh! Dive into the sea of tranquility with my free zen sessions on InsightTimer! One of them is a superstar already, with over a thousand plays! Come, let’s ride the wave of calm together! πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ
  • Photography - Capturing pixels & dreams. My camera is an extension of my soul. I chase sunsets, stalk rabbits, and befriend classic lenses. Whether it’s a dew-kissed flower or a skittish rabbit, I freeze moments like a time-traveling paparazzo.
  • Podcast - My voice in your ears. Scary! 🎧
  • Reading - Books are my TARDIS. I go through over 150 books per year. I once fell asleep listening to a sci-fi, and woke up convinced I was on another planet. πŸ“–
  • Writing - Pen vs. Procrastination. My keyboard is my Excalibur. I battle writer’s block, summon metaphors, and forge sentences like a blacksmith. My autocorrect thinks it’s Shakespeare. My mind's poetic whispers are on Instagram. ✍

Embark on a cosmic adventure! Uncover your birth day of the week, astrological sign, and Chinese zodiac spirit animal with my fun tool. Dive in and discover! πŸš€