I've enjoyed the following acting courses that use the Meisner Technique, to unleash authenticity & emotional connection.

  1. Foundations of Acting Program:
    • This comprehensive program caters to both seasoned actors and newcomers to the craft. Our focus is on liberating actors from self-consciousness, allowing them to access their emotional lives, and connecting with their impulses.
    • Key Highlights:
      • Emotional Liberation: Shedding inhibitions and embracing vulnerability are essential for authentic performances. Through Meisner’s principles, we guide actors toward emotional openness.
      • Impulse Work: Discover how to respond truthfully in the moment. We delve into the power of spontaneous reactions and genuine emotional shifts.
      • Scene Exploration: Dive into scenes that challenge your instincts. Learn to listen, react, and engage fully with scene partners.
      • Self-Reflection: Journal your experiences, insights, and breakthroughs. Self-awareness fuels growth.
  2. Scene Study – Principles & Analysis
    • In this dynamic class, we dissect the interplay between characters within scenes. Whether you’re a seasoned actor or just starting out, this course offers valuable tools.
    • Key Highlights:
      • Script Breakdown: Learn the art of script analysis. Understand character objectives, obstacles, and tactics. Dive deep into the motivations behind each line.
      • Concept Exploration: Each week, we explore a different concept—be it conflict, subtext, or emotional stakes. Engage in discussions, exercises, and film analysis.
      • Your Scene: Over 8 weeks, you’ll work on a single scene. Apply the concepts you’ve learned to breathe life into your characters.
      • Collaboration: Forge strong connections with your scene partner. Trust and openness lead to richer performances.
      • Filming Twice: Capture your progress on camera. The first take is for self-assessment; the second preserves your growth.
      • Progressive Learning: Each class builds upon the previous one, deepening your understanding of acting principles.

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